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Simply the best repair management software

on the market

Nexsyis Collision is much more than your standard add-on workflow system. Developed by people who know collision repair, Nexsyis Collision is a true business management and accounting application that focuses on minimizing the work involved with the difficult tasks that repairers have to routinely perform. 

Nexsyis Collision allows you to better leverage your operational and overhead resources, allowing fewer employees to accomplish more in a shorter amount of time. Operators have detailed information directly at their fingertips, so they can be more efficient with less effort. 

Unmatched transparency in Nexsyis Collision allows you to monitor and control your business to pinpoint, correct, and prevent any issues before they have a financial impact. 


Nexsyis Repair Management Software

Efficient repair management to better control your workflow

Vehicle Center

For efficient production tracking and Folder management

The features you need to manage your shop from front to back

Repair Order Tracking

The Nexsyis Folder is the most comprehensive way to manage a repair. The Folder stores all important repair information. A Folder can be created with a customer name and phone #, or by importing an estimate. Unlike other management systems, Nexsyis allows you to add multiple claims for the same vehicle to a single Folder.  

Customer Communication

Built-in text and e-mail communication with the option to send automated appointment reminders, status updates, and more. Keep the repair process moving forward with our e-authorization feature. Plus, give your customers access to their own repair portal to view documents, repair photos, and pay online. 


Scheduling in Nexsyis is simple, user-friendly, and flows seamlessly into the repair process. 


Order and track parts from "Not Ordered" to "Invoiced". Nexsyis Collision has the most robust, and only PO based, purchasing system on the market.

Production Tracking

Nexsyis is known for the ease with which you can monitor the progress of vehicles as they move through your facility. Our intuitive Vehicle Center, tracks vehicles through various stages from Opportunity to Outstanding A/R. Manage your production with all of the information you need directly at your fingertips.

Technician Time & Labor 

Measure and track technician efficiency to identify areas for operational and resource improvement 

Document Imaging

Go paperless with the only system on the market that allows you to attach images directly to the transaction record

Gross Profit Analyzer

Improve your parts, labor, and materials margins with detailed gross profit reporting

Internal Messaging

Communicate directly with co-workers with real-time instant messaging. Any communication related to a repair is automatically recorded in the repair Folder's notes. 

Production Mobile Application

Use our web platform, NexsyisNow TM , to manage your repair facility from any mobile device. Capture photos, record notes, update the vehicle repair stage, send messages to co-workers, complete QC, and more!


A wide-variety of reporting options; including group-by, drill-down, Excel, and e-mail alert reports; allow you to see the financial and operational health of your business in real-time. We also offer custom reporting options to give you access to information in the way that makes most sense to you.

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