Modern communication tools for a modern world

Built-in customer relationship management tools to drive business, build loyalty, and improve CSI scores

Multi-Point Digital QC Inspections

Evidence of Repairs Done Right

Create multi-point QC questions by department to document the repair is fixed correctly as it moves through production. Customize questions by vehicle make and require photo documentation be attached. Audit responses to ensure that information was recorded accurately. 


Electronic Document Signing

Close business faster.

Nexsyis e-signature accelerates authorization, reduces cycle time, and eliminates manual entry and paper waste. Send customized, real-time documents for signature via text or e-mail directly to their'mobile device.

SMS & E-mail Customer Communication

Start a conversation.

Built-in text and e-mail communication with the option to utilize templates to send automated appointment reminders, repair status updates, and more. Schedule follow-up reminders for regular and consistent updates.

Make check-in a breeze.

Service writers can use their mobile devices to complete curb-side check-in. Easily capture customer contact preference, vehicle information, damage & UPD photos, complete a damage survey, and send the authorization for digital signature in one easy workflow.

Digital Vehicle Check In

Give your customers access to their own repair portal to view repair status, documents, photos, and directly message their service writer.

Keep customers in the know.

Customer Repair Status Portal

Online Payment Portal

Get paid sooner.

Make it convenient for customers to securely pay online anytime with Nexsyis's integration with Global Payments,