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We will be exceptional with the technology we design, the experience we provide, and the relationship that we build.


-The Nexsyis Promise 


  • Is Nexsyis an estimating system?
    No. While you can create "manual" estimates in Nexsyis for small items such as tow bills, Nexsyis is not an estimating system.
  • Will Nexsyis work with my current estimating system?
    Yes! Nexsyis accepts estimates from CCC, Mitchell, and Audatex estimating systems. Import the EMS file into Nexsyis and let Nexsyis take over the repair management from there.
  • Will Nexsyis interface with my current accounting software?
    No. Nexsyis is an all-in-one operations management and accounting application. No outside accounting software is necessary.
  • Can I keep using my current payroll software or services company?
    Yes. Your payroll transactions can be imported as a journal entry into Nexsyis.
  • How is Nexsyis priced?
    Nexsyis licensing fees are priced per location per month. This license fee includes an unlimited number of installs and users. An MSO discount is given for +5 locations. Contact us for more pricing information.
  • How can I see Nexsyis in action?
    The first step is to visit our Contact page to request a live web demo. A Nexsyis representative will then set up a time to take you through the application over a live web session.
  • How is Nexsyis installed?
    The client application is installed on your desktop, but all data/images are hosted in the cloud. You can have it installed on an unlimited number of computers and your database is accessible from anywhere.
  • What are the system requirements to install and run Nexsyis?
    Hardware: Operating System: Windows 10&11 (Both Home&Pro editions) NOTE: Windows 7 is no longer supported as it has reached End of Life. CPU: Intel or AMD x86/x64 1Ghz or Higher RAM: 4 Gb or more Disk space: 1GB Display Resolution: 1024x768 minimum Software: Please visit to install the Nexsyis application or view the list of software dependencies. Internet connectivity: To run Nexsyis, you must have an internet connection. We recommend internet speed of at least 20mbps upload/download. The documents and photos that employees load into Nexsyis are uploaded directly to the data center, so having a fast upload speed at the shop will ensure this process goes as smooth as possible. Nexsyis supports both network copier/multifunction devices and direct USB document scanning. Additional setup by an IT professional may be required for this to function efficiently with Nexsyis. Please note that if you are running Antivirus software, Nexsyis may trigger as a false positive. If this is the case, an exception may need to be added to the Antivirus solution to exclude the Nexsyis application. If any issues occur during the installation of the Nexsyis application, our IT support group will work with your IT professional to resolve.
  • Do I need a server at my location to run Nexsyis?
    A server is not required at your shop for basic Nexsyis functionality. If you utilize our AP linking services, we require a Windows service be installed on a single PC or server to process scanned documents and upload them to Microsoft’s secure Azure storage container.
  • Where is my data stored?
    We utilize modern data centers that conform to cloud computing standards and security best practices in Indianapolis, IN, Phoenix, AZ, and Vancouver, Canada to host our customer databases. These databases run on virtual Microsoft Windows servers using the latest Microsoft SQL database technology. All files imported into Nexsyis are uploaded and stored in a Microsoft Azure secure storage container unique to each customer.
  • How is my data secured?
    All customer databases are backed up twice daily to our data centers' secure storage system only accessible by the backup software. We also run weekly and yearly offsite backups to our Microsoft Azure storage container.
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