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Financial Analyst

Accounting Software for Collision Repair

Run your entire business on Nexsyis.


No end of the month balancing.

No manual data transfer.

No 3rd-party accounting software required.

A repair management system with unparalleled financial controls

Nexsyis is the only application on the market with completely integrated accounting and financials. While your staff is going about their everyday tasks of invoicing purchases, delivering vehicles, and depositing payments, Nexsyis is working behind the scenes to record each of these transactions to the general ledger.


In Nexsyis, costs go into inventory based on the fact that they are attached to a repair. When a repair is invoiced, all cost is automatically recorded to the financial statement, and any cost following afterwards will automatically post to the current period. This gives you a daily accurate cash position and completely eliminates the need to end of month balancing, fake write-offs, and adjustments.

The benefits of integrated financials

Company-wide transparency

Complete transparency to repair and financial information through record-level document imaging and a full audit trail. Every single transaction with a financial impact is recorded including the time created, transaction date, as well as financial date.  

Have complete comfort:

  • You are getting paid for the work you perform

  • The minimum amount of cost is incurred for work that you did not get paid for

  • Company funds are focused on company activities

Unparalleled gross profit accuracy

Nexsyis is the only real-time inventory module on the market that records cost of goods sold precisely based on the repairs invoiced. There is no change in inventory accounting required.

Two-way flow of information

Financial and operations data are integrated and flow in a two-way path allowing mistakes to be easily corrected and automatically reflected on the other side. No duplicate entry into an outside accounting system is required, and because corrections are made in real-time, the need to balance ROs to estimates is eliminated and end of the month closing is a breeze.   

Consolidated reporting

Roll up real-time accounting and shop management information into consolidated reports.

Invoicing & Payments

Collision-specific vendor setup, invoice entry, and payment 

The features you need

Accounts Receivable & Sales 

Invoice estimates, post payments, and report on sales tax

Nexsyis is integrated with Global Payments for seamless and secure credit card processing

Banking / Cash

Reconcile your bank statement directly to the check register to see your true daily cash balance

 Vendor management

Bill payment 

Detailed reporting (export to Excel)

 Vendor management

Chart of accounts management

Vendor Statement Reconciliation

Detailed audit trails

General Ledger & Journal Entries

Nexsyis virtually eliminates the need for all but a few manual journal entries. By allowing the original transactions to be reflected and corrected in the proper accounting period, you will no longer have to enter a large amount of journal entries at the end of each financial period. 
Your chart of accounts is tailored to collision repair and custom to your particular requirements and style.

Reporting & Financial Statements

One of the best things about integrated accounting in our application is our ability to generate financial reports that include repair KPI data so you get a true picture of your shop's performance.

Your financial statement is tailored to collision repair and custom to your particular requirements and style.

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