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We will be exceptional with the technology we design, the experience we provide, and the relationship that we build.


-The Nexsyis Promise 


I just wanted to let you all know how impressed we have been Nexsyis IT Services. We have experienced a few IT issues and IT support has been very quick to respond and fix our issues. Our entire team has commented about this. We have been very impressed with every interaction we’ve had, with IT and other support staff, and the amount of detail that has gone into the transition of services! Everyone has been great!

Sheryl Driggers

Universal Collision Centers

I am not even sure where to begin. There are so many pros to this program its unreal. First off let me rave on the customer service. Anytime I have a question or concern I send the support queue my question and they get back with me ASAP. Usually within the hour. They are simply amazing. Next the software is fantastic. This program runs gross profit, job costing, invoicing, estimates, p&l, I mean literally the whole nine yards. I was using 3 separate programs before we started Nex and everything that I need is wrapped up into one here. It is very difficult to make a mistake and it does not stand out like a sore thumb. The guys that created this program did it seamlessly. I would recommend this software to anyone shopping around it is well worth every penny. You won't be disappointed!

My company is figuring out where it is loosing dollars and how to prevent it. We have seen 3 positive months thus far and its all thanks to this program. Nexsyis is hands down the best software on the market for a Collision Center.

Felicity Berrong

Straightline Collision

Nexsyis helps our shop to run smooth. Years ago when this program was first developed, there were some hiccups. I'm sure it was hard because they were trying to customize for several shops across the region. Nowadays, this does not seem to be a problem. This program really seems to fit us. If you have any problems, the staff is ready and willing to help. Any issues generally get fixed in the next update which is often.

Brian Myers

Church Brothers Collision Repair

 I want to thank the team at Nexsyis for the upgrades that they continuously make so my job as an Accounting Manager is less complicated. Nexsyis makes improvement to the system that really can make it easier to operate on a daily basis.

Betty Walston

Pohanka Collision Centers

Customer service is always quick to respond. For myself, I find the software easy to use. Spending many years in the collision repair industry and using other collision repair facility software, I can't imagine managing my business without Nex.

Tim Wilkerson

Dent Concepts

We have been on the software for about a year. The software allows us to see all needed information to make real time production decisions without jumping through multiple screens. The product customization makes it adaptable for all to use. The estimators can customize their screen to their own view. This allows them to see changes in their files at a glance for easier updating. The automated text and/or email status of repair has seen to be beneficial in helping keep customers updated through the repair process. This has allowed us to score better on CSI scores. As a General Manager you are just a tab click away from looking at Production grid, scheduled drops, completed not delivered, outstanding A/R, etc. The system has cut my managing the management system by 50% allowing my team and I to better run our facility not the software.

Mike Inman

Penske Collision Center Indy

The people and staff are the very best, they care and are very concerned to meet your expectations. If you are looking to be the best you need the best software to enable you to monitor and control the your business for the best performance... this system is everything you always wanted and more!

Paul Sgro

Lee's Garage

Nexsyis has given us the control and versatility to complement our "lean" process centered environment. The application is simple making the learning curve short for our growing business. Some pros of Nexsyis are their great support team, tremendous customizable reporting, excellent accounting, and unique and comprehensive payable controls. 

Michael Giarizzo

DCR Systems

Nexsyis is a shop management and accounting program that is in real-time. The program is loaded on your computer but because it is internet based, all of the data from all of our locations is live data. One of the most important things we were looking for was the ability for roll up the accounting and shop management information from all of our locations into consolidated reporting and Nexsyis does it flawlessly. They have also been very easy to work with in getting reports and paperwork customized to how they best work for our company.

Another great feature is that the security access control for every user that is created is very customizable. You can be as restrictive or as open as you want to be with each user depending on the privileges you allow them to have.

We had 23 separate sets of books that needed to be rolled up into 1 set of books and the management / accounting software we were currently using did not have that capability. We searched around and looked at several other programs and ultimately decided on and went with Nexsyis because it met our needs as shop management system as well as an accounting system all rolled into one program and was entirely internet based. We have grown to over 40 locations at this writing. I’m not saying that we grew because of Nexsyis, but Nexsyis made the growing easier.

Marty Rucker

Joe Hudson's Collision Center

This software provides Visibility, transparency, accountability and productivity all in real time!!!!

It allows us to make adjustments on the fly and change the course of a current month.

It offers unmatched visibility allowing the Multi-Shop Operator to assist and support Locations without having to physically be there.

Nexsyis eliminates the duplicate work of separate accounting software allowing us to run Leaner!

Nexsyis tech support is responsive, helpful and very good at the messy interfaces that Auto body businesses are challenged with.

David Keller

Husteads Auto Body

In the game of business, it is of great importance to keep a tight and accurate score. Nexsyis not only allows for that, it has provided us with the know how and confidence to make that happen. It is also the most efficient management system I have worked with.

It especially works better than any other management and accounting system when it comes to MSO’s like ours. We are more efficient because Nexsyis allows us to be with less effort. Highly recommend it!

Jeff Bauer

Complete Auto Body & Repair

I think that the one characteristic of Nexsyis that has stuck with me since the beginning is that it works like it was created by people who actually work in the industry and own body shops.

A lot of the layout of Nexsyis is very practical to what we do, and there is so much more that Nexsyis can do than the standard estimating add-on management system.

Since transitioning to Nexsyis from CCCOne, my MSO has experienced a significant rise in productivity, especially from an estimator and manager perspective, because Nexsyis eliminates a lot of redundancy by automating many of the tasks that you have to perform in other systems.

As an owner, I cannot begin to describe the value of having an all-inclusive system that makes tracking financials and KPI metrics easy.

No matter where I am, I can easily look at any shop at a very detailed level and I have all of the reports that I need directly at my fingertips.

Having the ability to subscribe to reports is just awesome– the level you can get it to and how you can set the structure up is very valuable and really helps you self-manage.

The support team at Nexsyis is extremely accessible and knowledgeable when you need support, but you will find that you never really need it, because the application simply works

Zach Dykstra

Ward's Auto Painting and Bodyworks

Nexsyis has definitely been a key component to our success at Church Brothers Collision Repair. Nexsyis provides real-time access to both store and company level activities enabling us to make good decisions without creating an overhead structure that we can’t sustain. I am not sure how some large MSOs survive with the other systems in the market, but I guess you don’t know what you don’t know if you haven’t seen Nexsyis work.

Ted McClintic

Church Brothers Collision

Nexsyis is a huge part of our efficiency at the store, as well as corporate, level for our six Craig’s Collision Centers locations in North Texas. At the corporate level, it allows instant access to any and all operations and departments within our network of shops. It also offers great flexibility and control between the bridged estimate and the final repair order. At the store level, the ease of operation that Nexsyis affords greatly lowers the learning curve for new employees. Nexsyis also assists us in the ever-present “Green” movement by allowing us to work in a “paper-lite” office and production environment. Nexsyis is the perfect fit for our MSO now as well as for our future growth.

Craig Van Cleve

Craig's Collision Centers

Nexsyis is the perfect solution if you are an MSO or are running a mid to large size body shop. We have used three other management systems in the past 25 years and Nexsyis beats every one of them hands down. The reporting capabilities are outstanding and the marketing aspects and collective data are second to none. I use the marketing reports to assist in our marketing strategy for each shop. The online tech support is over the top. If you are seriously looking for an “all in one” solution, I highly recommend Nexsyis.

Craig Camacho

3D Bodyworks & Paint

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