Production Tracking

Manage production with all of the information you need directly at your fingertips

Track vehicles through each stage of the repair process

Nexsyis is known for the ease with which you can monitor the progress of vehicles as they move through your facility. Our intuitive Vehicle Center, tracks vehicles through various stages from Opportunity to Outstanding A/R. Manage your production with all of the information you need directly at your fingertips.

Customize your Vehicle Center to meet your unique needs

  • Set your own custom production statuses in Nexsyis. Everything from the number of statuses, to the order, color, and description is 100% specified by you

  • Easily filter, group-by, or search any column in the production grid

  • Create and save custom views with pre-specified filters for immediate access to the information you need most

  • Easily drag & drop to add, remove, or move columns and resize the grid to your unique screen specifications

  • Add custom hold and flag columns for valuable information at a glance

Multi-Point Digital QC Inspections

Evidence of Repairs Done Right

Create multi-point QC questions by department to document from any device that the repair is fixed correctly as it moves through production. Customize questions by vehicle make and require photo documentation be attached. Responses are recorded with date/time and USERID and can be audited to ensure that information was recorded accurately. 

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