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The Folder

The Nexsyis Folder is the most comprehensive way to manage a repair

Organized, intuitive, and best of all: paperless

Use the Folder to track the repair from its earliest stage of first customer contact all the way through vehicle delivery

  • Once delivered, the Folder is archived but never fully closes, allowing users with proper permissions to enter incoming payments and make other necessary changes as needed

  • Import multiple estimates into a single Folder for vehicles that have more than one claim, ie. a collision claim and a customer pay estimate

  • Manage customer updates through follow-up notifications, automated status updates, or direct text or e-mail. All outgoing communication is recorded in the Notes tab so that a record is always available

  • Upload and store photos and scanned forms, checks and other documents. Eliminate the need to store hard copies of these documents and further cut down on paper usage by printing or e-mailing documents directly from the Folder on an as-needed basis

  • If a vehicle returns for warranty work, open a "Vehicle Return" record within the original Folder. All original repair information is readily available for reference. All dates are tracked separately from the original repair and your true gross profit can be accurately assessed. 

Why do we call it a Folder?

In Nexsyis, we call the RO a “Folder”. This is because, unlike other systems on the market, you can manage more than one claim in a Folder. An unlimited number of estimates can imported to manage insurance and customer pay claims for the same vehicle under one Folder #.

If a vehicle returns for warranty work, you can record this in the original folder. No more shop pay ROs. All information from the original repair is directly available to you, notes are recorded in the same place, and gross profit is tracked against the original repair. A separate set of vehicle return dates, including Arrival, Target, Internal, Completed,  and Delivered, are used, as well as a separate repair plan, so you can track the vehicle as it moves through production while preserving the record of the original repair.

Estimate to Work Order

In collision, you are paid by an insurance carrier off of the estimate.  For that reason, sales and invoicing in Nexsyis will always be equal to the amounts from the estimating system.  However, often the actual work performed might be somewhat different than the estimate.  For example, an item invoiced to the carrier as sublet may be perfomed by a mechanic internally.  Nexsyis handles this seamlessly by taking all of the purchases and labor lines from the estimate(s) and creating a bill of work, or “Work Order”. The Work Order can then be altered through automatic or manual conversions to reflect exactly how you will be performing the work while preserving the estimate in its entirety.

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