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The most robust, and only PO-based, purchasing application on the market

Order, receive, reject, return, invoice, & track purchases

The Purchases Assistant in Nexsyis is a PO-based purchasing screen designed to mirror the real-world purchasing process in the collision repair industry.

           View all outstanding purchases company-wide, or easily filter or search by:           

Location  -  Estimator  -  Vendor  -  PO#  -  Folder#  -  Part#  -  Description  -  Part Status

While other systems only allow you to order and invoice, Nexsyis purchasing statuses are separated into six categories for easy and accurate tracking:

  1. Not Ordered

  2. Needs Ordered

  3. Ordered (Not Received)

  4. Received (Not Invoiced)

  5. Rejected (Not Returned)

  6. Returned (No Credit Memo)

  7. Invoiced

Send vendor orders directly from Nexsyis through e-mail, fax, or a purchasing service such as OEConnection. Include photos, notes, and a copy of the estimate and specify an expected delivery date.

View the number of Missing Parts (MP), Missing Sublet (MP) and the parts expected delivery date live in the production screen. 

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