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Document Imaging

Complete visibility into your underlying records across all areas of your organization

Document images stored the right way

Nexsyis is the only application on the market that stores document images at the transaction level. Other applications only allow you to attach documents directly to the RO#. This means that you have to know the RO# to find the image, and if you have an image that applies to more than one repair, you have to attach it separately for each repair.


In Nexsyis, you scan and link all invoices, credit memos, receipts, carrier documents, deposit slips, payments, authorizations, QC documents, etc. directly to the transaction record they apply to.


Take an EFT payment from State Farm, as an example. Using Nexsyis, you can attach the image directly to the payment record while you are entering the payment. That image will then be available from any Folder that the payment is applied to, as well as the AR Payment search screen, the Deposits screen, and the General Ledger, simply because you linked it one time to the payment record.


This methodology ensures complete visibility from all areas of the application.

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