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New! Monthly Training Webinars

Updated: May 3

Nexsyis is now offering complimentary monthly training webinar sessions that will guide new users through the features and functionalities of Nexsiys in a “repair lifecycle” format. These webinars are designed to provide users with a solid foundation in effectively utilizing our platform.

Employees can use this link to register for May training webinars:

These webinars are divided into three classes, with each class building on the previous one. Users can choose which class(es) to register for

Class 1: Folder (RO) Management and Operations

Date: Monday 5/13/2024

Time: 2:00-3:30 CT

Topics Covered

               i.     Creating a Folder (RO) and preparing it for repair

               ii.    Importing an estimate

               iii.   Checking in vehicles

               iv.   Converting sales codes on a work order

               v.    Linking document images

               vi.   Entering A/R payments

Class 2: Production Management and Vehicle Delivery

Date: Tuesday 5/14/2024

Time: 2:00-3:30 CT

Topics Covered

               i.     Using the Vehicle Center to manage repairs in process

               ii.    Updating repair plans

               iii.   Allocating labor hours to technicians

               iv.   Completing Quality Control

               v.    Completing and delivering a vehicle

Class 3: Nexsyis Purchases Assistant

Date: Wednesday 5/15/2024

Time: 2:00-3:30 CT

Topics Covered:

                i.     Overview of the Purchase Assistant screen

               ii.     Ordering, receiving, invoicing, and returning purchases

               iii.    Special scenarios such as entering an invoice across multiple purchase orders (POs), handling restock fees, and processing parts labor credits

During the webinar we ask that all participants mute their microphone and send any questions through the chat window. We will open the last 15 minutes of the class for Q&A. We understand that all employees may not be available to attend the live training webinars. Each class will be recorded and can be shared upon request (e-mail Nexsyis support). Webinars are conducted using Microsoft Teams.

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