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NexsyisNow Updates: Internal Date, Missed Drops, & Tech Clock

New on NexsyisNow: Internal date added to top of In Process cards, View In Process list by Internal date, new Missed Drops column on Opportunities tab, Permission to access Folders, and add Photos added to Tech Clock

Internal Date

The Internal Date has been added to the top-right of the In Process cards

View In Process List by Internal Date

Click the List Settings (gear) icon on the right to switch to organize columns by "Internal Date"

Missed Drops Column

On the Opportunities screen, a new column has been added that separates Missed Drops from Scheduled Drops

Permission to access Folders

The "View all Folders in NexsyisNow" permission determines if a resource can access and view Folders that they are not assigned to in various sections, such as the Schedule, Opportunities, and In Process list. This permission has now been expanded to restrict users without this permission from opening Folders they are not assigned to via the Folder Search feature.

Add Photos using the Technician Clock feature

Technicians can now add photos to the Folder from within the Technician Clock feature. Click the "Action" menu to see the photo capture/upload options.

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