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Updates to Notes tab, Estimates tab, Reports screen, and Permission changes

For Nexsyis version

Notes Tab Count

The count on the Notes tab will now show the count of highlighted notes (highlight a note by right-clicking over the note and selecting "Highlight Note"). The yellow note icon that used indicate highlighted notes has been removed from the bottom left of the Folder.

>> Did you know that you can set the note highlight color by category on the Note Categories setup screen?

Remove estimate button moved to the button bar

The "Remove Estimate" button has been moved to use the red trashcan "delete" button on the button bar. This is consistent with the delete action on other tabs of the Folder.

"Show Inactive" checkbox on Reporting screen

A "Show Inactive" checkbox has been added to the list box controls on the Reports screen. If checked, inactive options will show in yellow.

New Permission: Change estimate inactive status on an delivered Folder

This new Transaction Permission allows a user to change an inactive estimate to active on a Folder that has been delivered.

Permission Correction: Allow List Price Changes on Exceptions Screen

To modify the list price on an AP Invoice from the Exceptions screen, the Transaction Permission "Allow List Price Changes on Exceptions Screen" is required due to its direct impact on GP. It was reported that this permission was not working correctly, allowing users to make this change without proper authorization. This error in the code was fixed to prevent further occurrences.

When there is a parts price difference, the appropriate procedure is to adjust the estimated list price to align with it (recommended) or to modify the AP Invoice list price accordingly. Should a user opt to bypass this step and change the AP list price directly in the Exceptions screen (which is not advisable), they must have the Transaction Permission "Allow List Price Changes on Exceptions Screen." If you are unable to perform this action and believe that you should, please contact your corporate office directly to request permission as they have the ability and authority to make this change.

Please e-mail Nexsyis support if you have any questions.

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