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NexsyisNow Updates 5/18/23

New on NexsyisNow: Updated Folder Search functionality and New Labor Allocation Feature

Search Bar

If you do not know the Folder #, click the Search bar at the top to search for a Folder

  • You can now search by VIN, Last Name, Claim #, Phone #

  • Click the barcode to launch the camera VIN scanner to pull up a Folder by VIN #

  • If no results are returned, click the Create New Folder button

"# Go To Folder"

If you know the Folder #, use the "Got To Folder" box to type the Folder # and go directly to the Folder

Create New Folder

The New / New Folder button has been removed from the top right. Access the "Create New Folder" button from the Search bar.

Allocate Labor using NexsyisNow

Select the Labor tab to allocate labor to technicians

  1. Click Edit to begin allocating labor

  2. If allocating 100% of each labor type, simply select your Resources

  3. Edit the Amount or Format as needed.

  4. To split a labor type between resources, select the three-dot menu on the line and click "Split". A new line will be added to the grid for that same labor type

  5. Click "Add Additional Labor Type" to allocate a labor type that is not on the Work Order

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