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Important Updates to Estimates / Work Order functionality

Updated: Jul 11

Several Nexsyis customers have already been converted to this new version. If you are already on the new Estimate / Work Order you can disregard this e-mail. For those who have not yet seen the changes shown below, please anticipate the implementation at your company between Friday 7/12 - Thursday 7/18.

Create New Folder Screen

The button on the Create New Folder screen now says, "Import Estimate" instead of "Import EMS"

Estimate Import Screen

You will notice the following changes to the Import Estimate screen

  1. The screen will now filter by estimating system. It will remember your last selection each time you open the screen.

  2. "EMS extracted today" has been changed to a date range filter. The dates will automatically be checked to restrict to today; uncheck to view all.

  3. The grid is now searchable

  4. The checkbox for "EMS with no Folder" has been removed. Estimates that are already attached to a Folder will show in the list in gray and cannot be imported until they are removed from the existing Folder.

All estimate line conversion functionality has been moved to the Work Order

  1. Line conversions are no longer allowed on the estimate

  2. The Work Order screen now includes charge lines

  3. All Estimate Auto Line Conversion rules have been converted to Work Order Auto Line conversion rules

  4. Estimate line conversions that took place manually have been converted to Work Order Line Conversion Options.

  5. When a new estimate is imported and a Work Order has not been created, the user will be asked if they would like to create a Work Order at that time.

  6. Sales tax exceptions will only be created on Folders with a Work Order

Please e-mail Nexsyis support if you have any questions.

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