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Nexsyis Update

Updated: May 15, 2023

Add your own Insurance Companies, plus changes to the Work Order, GP Analyzer, and Deposits screen

Add Insurance Companies

A "New" button has been added to the button bar to allow you to add new Insurance Companies.

You will no longer need to request that Nexsyis support add insurance companies to your database.

"Highlight Lines" on the Work Order

"Highlight Lines" is now selected by Default on the Work Order screen. If you select a sales code group, the lines for the group on the Work Order will be highlighted in bold text

GP Analyzer

When there is $0 of sales, it will reflect -100% in the GP % column. Before this change, the GP % showed 0% in this scenario.

Deposits Screen

On the Deposits screen, if you open a payment, edit, and save, it will put the updated payment on the left side, without the user having to refresh the deposits screen to see changes.


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