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Nexsyis Updates: AP Invoice, Work Order, PO, and display of Unassigned Customer Messages

Updated: Mar 12

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New Sales Code drop-down on AP Invoice Screen

With our ongoing efforts to improve clarity on sales and gross profit, it was necessary to make a modification to the AP Invoice Entry screen.  Specifically, we have added a Sales Code field which will be required for all AP Invoices that are attached to a folder.  This will allow us to correlate your sales and costs within each sales code as well as improve clarity of shop pay and warranty costs.


With the change we will be setting the sales code automatically:


  1. On all AP that is attached to an Estimate Line, Work Order Line and Purchase Order Line

  2. If the financial category selected has only one sales code


It the limited cases where you are attaching an AP Invoice to a folder that does not meet the criteria above, then the user will be prompted to select a sales code.  The list of sales codes displayed will only be those associated with the financial category the user selected.  If the user forgets to select the sales code, NEX will display a message indicating the line the is missing a sales code.

Note; if there is no sales code tied to the financial category selected, i.e. "Parts Labor Credit", the user can save without selecting a sales code.

See this help document for more information and a short video of the user experience: Select Sales Code on AP Invoice (

Auto-Save on Estimate and Work Order Screens

The save button has been removed from the Estimate and Work Order screens. Changes will auto-save as they take place

Save your grid layout on the Receive Purchases Screen

The ability to resize your columns and save your grid layout has been added to the Purchase Order screen

Display of Unassigned Messages

Previously, unassigned messages would not be displayed in any folder until a user manually assigned them to the correct folder. However, now, if a text # is found in multiple folders, these unassigned messages will be highlighted in yellow on the Communications tab for all folders that contain that text #. To assign these messages to the appropriate folder and remove the yellow highlight, users can simply right-click and select "Assign Folder".

Custom Columns are Now Available on Scheduled Drops Tab

The sixteen custom columns (Vehicle Center Custom Columns ( are now available in the Column Chooser on the Scheduled Drops tab of the Vehicle Center.

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