Removal of the "Customer" table

In Nexsyis version

The following functionality has been removed

  • Merge Customers

  • Repair History under the Customer tab

  • Changing a Customer on a Folder

The Customer table stored independently of the Folder has been removed. Folders are no longer linked to “Customers”.

Going forward, the customer fields (Name, Address, Contact info, etc.) are stored as part of the individual Folder. If you need to make any changes, simply make them on the Customer tab of the Folder. Changes made to the Customer tab of the Folder will only affect that Folder.

Repair History has been removed so you will not be able to see if a Customer has other repairs in the system

The old methodology had some issues and made for complications in training…

Before, when you changed the Customer tab, it would change it on all historical Folders in the system linked to that “Customer”.

Plus, when you created a Folder from EMS, it never would allow you to associate it with a returning Customer so it created a new Customer record each time.

As we continue to enhance this, we will be putting in a natural linkage of Folders associated to the same customer by Phone # and/or e-mail address

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