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Camera on Apple Devices will not load when NexsyisNow is launched from home screen shortcut

A bug has been identified in Apple's recent release, causing the camera to not load when NexsyisNow is launched in "app mode" from the device's home screen. Our team is actively monitoring this issue and will provide an update once resolved.

Screenshot of the issue:

In the meantime, we recommend removing your home screen shortcut and, instead, adding NexsyisNow to as a "Favorite" in Safari, following the instructions below.

1. Open Safari and go to

2. Click the box with the up arrow at the bottom

3. Select "Add to Favorites"

4. Enter a name and click "Save"

5. The next time you open Safari and launch a new tab, you will see a shortcut to the NexsyisNow website in your favorites list

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