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AP Invoice "Invoice to Location"

Updated: Jul 2

For Nexsyis version

"Invoice to Location" on AP Invoice screen

The "Invoice to Location" drop-down has been removed from the AP Invoice screen

  1. The location will now automatically default to the Financial Location on the distribution

  2. If there is more than one distribution line, it will default to the first in the list

Changing the "Invoice to Location"

If you need to change the Invoice to Location on a saved AP Invoice, you can do this by double-clicking on the location from within the grid on the following screens: AP Invoice search, Create AP Check Batch, and Reconcile Statements

Duplicate Invoices

After an invoice # has been entered, Nexsyis will check the invoice number against the vendor. However, it does not consider location. You can click the details button to display the invoice that has the same vendor and invoice number. 

"Add Purchase" on PO receive screen

A Sales Code column has been added to the PO screen. Users will need to select a Sales Code from the list when using the Add Purchase line. The selected sales code will carry to the AP invoice screen.

Please e-mail Nexsyis support if you have any questions.

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